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NTS Weekly Skeptical Cartoons

  1. The downside of magnetic insoles
  2. The power of The Force
  3. The World Remote Viewing Conference
  4. I know your Sign
  5. Where all those animals came from
  6. When psychics go to the races
  7. Tomorrow's news today
  8. No life after death
  9. Never in a million years
  10. Secret of the circles
  11. So much barley--so little time
  12. Old Noah's Cruise Line
  13. Friendly Fred
  14. The end of the Michelin Man
  15. The lost city of Atlanta
  16. A window into the future
  17. Into the air, junior birdman
  18. The man in the grey flannel suit
  19. Ghost busters
  20. Clueless in Cleveland
  21. Mr. Johnson's revelation
  22. Choices we make in life
  23. A scientist's work is never done
  24. The feng shui office
  25. You've got that lovin' feeling
  26. Where racism comes from
  27. It's only in your head
  28. The weakest skeptic
  29. John Edward talks to the dead
  30. How to spot a loser
  31. Perils of pet acupuncture
  32. Why homeopathy is such a bargain
  33. These books are not your friends
  34. The State nor the Psychic can make money of each other
  35. Tarot card reading by phone
  36. At the Minoen Space Port
  37. The man who came to dinner
  38. Does anybody want to know?
  39. Now, from the other side of the channel
  40. How to tell when it's going to be a long day
  41. If it's worth repeating it's worth repeating twice
  42. Best photographic evidence of UFOs
  43. Meeting of the myths
  44. The ever prosperous gullibility business
  45. Sometimes you never see it coming.
  46. It is better to give than to receive
  47. Set a thief to catch a thief.
  48. Fools seem to live forever.
  49. Happiness is just a phone call away.
  50. I'll have my guys come talk to your guys.
  51. John Edward gets the bad news.
  52. People are staring at you, Rupert.
  53. When soccer teams go really bad
  54. How to tell when superstition is getting out of hand
  55. Rising to the occasion
  56. When you are out of body, you are out...
  57. The animal instinct is strong around here
  58. Mining our most abundant resource
  59. The trouble with life after death
  60. What to do if the truth does not fit
  61. A preview of what's to come at the box office
  62. Are we insulting Osama or the creationists?
  63. What God really looks like
  64. It only looks like an accident.
  65. It's starting to look ugly out there.
  66. Osama bin Laden is missing!!
  67. Superman confronts Mothman!
  68. Pat Robertson calls Islam 'evil religion.'
  69. News item: Dr. Pepper faulted for not mentioning God.
  70. What happens when water loses its memory
  71. What happens if "Clustered Water(TM)" catches on
  72. Every now and then God screws up.
  73. How the dead learn to drive
  74. Pascal's wager revisited
  75. How Paul Kurtz got the message.
  76. Does God provide?
  77. Never a pauper in a previous life.
  78. IRS will make it less burdensome for the taxpayers.
  79. These fail the "falsifiability" test.
  80. God fails Russell's test.
  81. Don't let nonsense deter serious Science.
  82. Creationism is dead as far as we are concerned.
  83. Skeptics' challenge money is in the safest bank of all
  84. Even a kid could have predicted that!?
  85. Somethings in life just don't make any sense.
  86. God is an American (in fact a goat catcher).
  87. A thousand grifters can't outwit Benny Hinn.
  88. Proof that evolution is a fact.
  89. Life evolved differently on Earth.
  90. Maharishi on the hill.
  91. Mel Gibson, phone your bank.
  92. No sign of Bigfoot anywhere.
  93. Who says we are dead? James van Praag?
  94. First he should have asked me if I wanted a drink.
  95. The priceless thing called liberty...
  96. These mosquitoes are corrupt.
  97. Penalty for breaking a law of Physics.
  98. Even Ghosts have to eke out a living.
  99. Non-existent creatures?
  100. A clue to find Texas Bigfoot?
  101. Make an Astrologer richer...
  102. Who says there is no free lunch?
  103. I am a Witch!
  104. We can do very realistic SciFi movies.
  105. Revenge from beyond.
  106. If only we can do what we say we can.
  107. When truth in journalism is diluted...
  108. What if the police detectives can't help any more, when people go missing.
  109. How can you prove it is a bad omen?
  110. Practical joker fools the world.
  111. Let's not impart our ignorance to the next generation.
  112. Free energy machines are a joke.
  113. If only you can predict tomorrow's news...
  114. Numerology is such a bunch of bull.
  115. Disney is popular with Aliens too.
  116. This quacks too loud.
  117. Why take a risk as a tourist?
  118. Don't underestimate me!
  119. Yes, we are bullying the cheats!
  120. Society's real ghosts.
  121. Micheal Behe's black box -- his head!
  122. Pres. George Bush should consult a psychic... Nay, won't help him.
  123. Nothing to talk about here but philosophy.
  124. Some gems from Deepak Chopra!!
  125. We are the great apes!
  126. Judge Moore: Crazy in Alabama.
  127. Teaching creationism is equivalent to teaching lies.
  128. Phone psychic can't defend herself.
  129. Creationist scare for the Halloween...
  130. The actual truth behind UFO conspiracy theories.
  131. These are pure mint.
  132. Good books don't always sell much.
  133. We deal with kooks all the time. Let's make fun of them.
  134. It's more like: Suspending belief.
  135. These psychics can't even locate themselves.
  136. Unwanted Aliens.
  137. A "real" pet psychic.
  138. Flesh is weak and the spirit ain't feeling that good either.
  139. Mind reading hasn't ever been so simple.
  140. Prejudice rolls over to the other side.
  141. Herbal medicine cures all.
  142. The stars don't lie.
  143. Who knows what might happen to our treasured one the next moment?
  144. We should teach virtuous stuff to our kids.
  145. Our health is important; one of this per day will keep the doctor away.
  146. Can't seem to trust anyone nowadays.
  147. People aren't more important?!
  148. Let's say it's a case of 'friendly fire.'
  149. Great leaders are born, not made.
  150. Discriminating ignorance.
  151. Who is the real crank?
  152. Agri-business is such a foul one.
  153. Evil lurks in the dark.
  154. When 'actually' does it work?
  155. Of lies and truth.
  156. Insist on the truth.
  157. What shall we do, O! lord?!
  158. Believing is easy.
  159. Existential crisis.
  160. Is it all in the mind?
  161. We are big in Texas.
  162. Full attendance.
  163. Nothing is in your hands.
  164. A clue we are in the wrong business.
  165. Some things...
  166. Fair and unbiased news.
  167. Kids will succeed where "Scientists" failed. Yeah right!
  168. "Intelligent" fish.
  169. When the glove doesn't fit, you must...
  170. Indian mom admonishes her son.
  171. Let the courts decide: Irreducible complexity?
  172. A prediction that will come true.
  173. Education makes one brighter.
  174. Tom Cruise gets into heroin detox.
  175. You can see it now. Now you can't.
  176. It might be heaven for you, but it will be certainly hell for them.
  177. We can't be that backward.
  178. Things aren't the way they seem sometimes.
  179. Death to 911 Conspiracy Theorists!
  180. You can sell "nothing" on eBay.
  181. Some people are camera shy.
  182. Frank and honest dialogue.
  183. Feel good factor.
  184. Life after life

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