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Copied from Elizabeth Joyce's Web site at 1740 CDT on 16 October 2001.

Revised October 16, 2001

As you will note - I have changed the timing of some of these events. Not the message - the timing. Also - because of some very snide remarks from the Skeptics, I will keep a running page of updated predictions - most recent first, and not make changes to the page, so you can read before and after. If you wish to comment positively about this work, please contact me at my e-maill address Thank you for your attention and time.

UPDATE: October 16, 2001

The newest threat seems to be coming from Seattle and the West Coast. Prayers and Vigil needs to be sent out to the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees game tomorrow. (10-17-2001) I do hope there will not be an upset or tragedy at theStadium. A possible suitcase bomb carried by a terrorist is the culprit. Root for who you will but pray for a fun and safe event.

After the summit with Bush and Shannon there could be a temporary aura of peace. An upset with the Muslims in other areas of the world may occur by mid-November.

EXPECT the United States to go into Iraq - and after the infamous SaddamHussein again! SOON! At that time OPEC will put a squash on oil production and prices will rise just before a very troublesome, early and cold winter. (Beginning more than likely by December 15-20, 2001)

I'm still predicting a very down (Bear) market at October's end promoted by more terrorrism as well as corporate slow-downs and failures.

UPDATE: October 11, 2001

In November of 2000, I predicted that there would be bombs dropped in New York City and Washington, D.C. which would lead to a world war. The prediction stated that this would happen in the fall months of 2001, right after school began. I had many e-mails requesting that I take this prediction down because it was to negative. Who would know that an airplane would be used as a bomb? However, Terriorism seems to be our latest thrill crime, and we have not seen the last of this. I send out deep prayers of condolences and regret to the victims and their families regarding today's events in New York and Washington, DC. These acts are more than horrific, they are evil and extremely unforgivable. Who can begin to understand the tragedy that has just occurred? It is mind-bogeling at best. This is not the end of it, but only the beginning.

Gather together with your families and find the love that is there. Be thankful for who you are, what you have and where you live. All of you, everywhere in the world - that are not a part of this viciousness - are blessed. Now it is time to bow down to your God and pray for deliverance and peace!

What is the next step - probably retailation - Bagdad and more. A Nuke - let's pray not. We will more than likely level that area of the world. This, too, brings me great pain. It is not the way . It is NOT!

Yes - a sick leader is involved - Yes - children are trained young to become a sacrifice for Allah. Yes, we must have some sort of reciprocity. But a Nuke will affect everyone, everywhere on this planet, for years to come. Can't anyone see that? Find them - weed them out - punish them and stop these crimes, but not at the expense of everyone else. Then we become as them.

How did these people get here? Remember the refugees coming into Flordia from Kosovo two years ago? It was impossible to screen all of these people overseas. I said then that many trained terrorists were coming into the country and would disappear into the realms of Ft. Lee, NJ, downtown New York, Florida and wherever else they could find housing and help. There was quite an influx at that time.

There is much more I could write - we need to pray for a healing to occur on this planet.

"As the light increases, we see ourselves to be worse than we thought. We are amazed at our former blindness as we see issuing forth from the depths of our heart a whole swarm of shameful feelings, like filthy reptiles crawling out from a hidden cave. We never could have believed that we had harbored such things and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear. But while our faults diminish, the light by which we seem them waxes brighter and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind, for your comfort, that we only truly perceive the depth of our malady when the cure begins." Francois Fenelon (1651-1715)

October 6, 2001

Tel Aviv will experience more upheval - with a bomb setting off even more fury. The Dome of the Rock may be destroyed. This event will effect everyone around the globe. War could begin in the Middle-East within the next six weeks.

Chandra Levy is dead. Strangled. Her body will be found, under water, near some boats. She was murdered by a blond haired man. Her sandals will be located near the crime scene shortly. Two men knocked on her door unexpectedly. One has his hair tied back in a pony tail.

The Stock Market will be very volitile through September. Lots of ups and downs, mostly downs. Expect some severe problems through mid-October.

Tel Aviv will experience more upheval - with a bomb setting off even more fury. The Dome of the Rock may be destroyed. This event will effect everyone around the globe. War could begin a war in the Middle-East within the next six weeks.

Oil prices soar as barrels of crude oil are prevented from leaving the Mid-East due to a seige late in the year - November -December. This taking-over of some strategic points will last at least three months.

Expect the US Stock Market to crash - as well as Japan - to a new low in the Fall months (around October 23rd) - as technology stocks once again go South. The Asian markets are also contributing to this decline.

President George W. Bush will announce that we are in a very serious depression/recession, and it will be very sad because of the tax refund money, which has already been sent out to the public. This caused an elimination of the surplus.

Greenspan may be forced to step down in the fall months.

The Stock Market may rally in October, with the DOW soaring over 12,000 - only to plummet again by late October, and then take several years to recover. Expect Gold and Oil prices to be on the rise.

2001 The New Millennium

We are entering the Doorway to a New Century

By: Elizabeth Joyce

Now that we have entered the doorway to a new century, it is important to take a look at what we want to create. The year 2001 is full of ideas, and we as the human race will have ample opportunities to witness the workings of Jupiter and Saturn in Gemini, which rules the Mind. What you think, you will become. Social responsibliity is an important feature this year, and it is time to heal after the election severed this country in two, to embrace our common threads, interweaving them with the pleasure and differences of our wide variations in cultural and individual expression. Human Rights is more than just a term now, it will be the challenge for 2001. This battle seems to be lost in space, as rights that werer hard earned and fought for are dissolved with the stroke of a pen!

Globally and economically, the Information Age is becoming quite powerful, and the cycles this year indicate wide-range advances in technology which will enhance our ability to obtain and share information. Travel and transportation industries are also key players in 2001, and that includes ths space industry. Signs of intelligent life beyond our planet may become more noteworthy. Additionally, media influence will grow even stronger this year, as we deal with digging out the past life styles of the rich and famous, dealing with many Bush blunders, financial stress, and political mistakes. The fall months bring the beginnings of the Clinton divorce.

Although the Internet seems more commonplace, the extensions of this development have a much stronger impact during the span of 2001, adding a more stable feature to the economy and becoming especially influential in education, as more and more classwork will be done on-line. In fact, education will become a chief issue politically, with business and communities realizing that new educational innovations are absolutely necessary in order to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow. The voices of youth become more prominent in 2001 and 2002, as many vital school programs are cut from the budget. The choices and directions pursued by young adults will likely have a great impact on the roles of educational institutions.

The year 2001 promises to be an extremely busy one. Mr. Greenspan will lower interest rates at the end of 2000, right after the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Christmas Day, 2000 and then again in March. The big companies will be after Greenspan on a regular basis to lower rates, but he will resisit. There will be an attempted cover -up as to the truth of the coming recession. Watch that market - it will be volatile.

The theme will be full employment with wage inflation. No more part time or consignment earnings. People will want to ensure their health benefits and IRA's. Consumer spending will continue to push up the earnings of most corporations,although a bit slower than last year. Publicly held corporations will be under scrutiny and may require astute public relations personnel for damage control, as misappropriation of funds become apparent with microscopic accounting and audits.

The Bear will hit hard mid-March, forcing the Market into sharp decilnes, in harmony with serious problems within the Asian Markets. The Dow Jones will fall to below 96 before March 23rd, and then be quite volatile, going up and down within a 400 point range until July's end of 2001. The financial writers will call this astounding, frightening and scary, as millions are lost on the downward changes. Throughout April of 2001 money will pour in and out of the Stock Market. June will see new highs for all exchanges. The climb then may become slow and steady with an emphasis on various international funds and durable goods manufacturers. Banking and Stock purchasing will perhaps change its focus and never be the same again. One just has to be aware of the changes coming in marketing, the ups and downs, as well as goods and services and you will do quite well if you can adapt. The world's focus is changing so expect the unexpected.

You will find automobiles becoming affordable as well as computers and any telecommunications equipment, as prices are lowered to attract sales. Then, after August, there will be a housing surplus, and real estate will become problematic. Houses will not sell and prices will be lowered considerably. Buying a home will become less expensive, as banks rush to lower refinancing fees and closing costs. Construction on housing and malls will stop, as there will be an overabundance. Home Depot may file Chapter 11 or Bankruptcy!

The highways will be jammed with cars, minivans, motorcycles and motor homes. Cellular phones, calculators, portable computers will be stuffed into briefcases or even hang off the workman's belt. The new fashion for men will be the old fashioned telephone lineman belt, with electronic gadgets hanging here and there. Begging for a corner in your home will be all kinds of telecommunication devices. Satellite dishes, cable boxes, VCR's, CD engravers, radios and very skinny TV Sets will be plentiful. Staples and Office Max will be over supplied with home business items, so expect lots of price wars. Expect gasoline prices to rise beyond any limits thus far, at least $3.00 per gasllon, and to stay there throughout 2002. It will cost $100 to fill up an RV.

Your mailbox will be filled with junk mail, magazines, newspapers and books. This will create an annoying oversupply of paper for the recycle bin. Recycling old televisions, computers, telephones and other electronic gadgets will become a start-up business for industrious people and many will become quite creative with ways to used the resulting materials.

Inexpensive vans and trucks will suggest all sorts of new business opportunities for self-starters. At-home workers need supplies delivered to their doors. Local package services will jam their trucks with merchandise ordered on the internet. The department stores will work with the locals, rather than UPS or Fed Ex, as prices will be lower and cost effective.

Industries that produce chemicals, drugs, perfume and plastics will find raw material hard to come by. Gasoline, oil and fish will be very expensive. Food processors will find their supply lines difficult and their labor very expensive. Prices will begin to rise by late Spring.

In late July the entire economic environment will change. Suddenly there are too many houses on the market. Home builders have outdone themselves. Real-estate brokers will blame high interest rates for the unsold houses, as Greenspan once again changes the rates in the 3rd quarter of 2001. There will be an over supply of appliances, furniture and building materials. The sprawl of houses away from the cities has demanded a corresponding sprawl of malls. The builders have constructed too many fast food restaurants, grocery shops, bakeries, beauty shops, cleaners, gas stations, barbers, and restaurants in their enthusiasm. A new business technique of competitive discounting will cause many of these businesses to fold.

Many of these Shopping Malls will become the relics of the 20th Century, as people change their purchasing styles to Internet buying. These Ghost Malls will have to be policed and they could become a playground for mischief makers.

There will be shortages in precious gems, hand-crafted fine furniture, designer clothing, eyeglasses, dental supplies, and other kinds of medical equipment. New medical equipment utilizing new medical technologies, will be in demand, and will also be difficult to purchase.

Shortages also occur in entertainment, for the first time in a long time, as well as recreational vehicles, casinos, software games and toys.

The Baby Boomettes of the 1980s will be training their parents and grandparents how to shop on-line. This will become a new, lucrative teenage business. The Internet seems to be designed for them. They can find out anything they want, and busy parents are very frustrated with their little geniuses. Computers are cheap enough for each child to have their own, much like a television, and content-blocking software becomes in great demand.

On a more personal level, family and community are challenged to evolve, too. The eclipse cycles of 2001 signify challenges to our out-worn traditions, but also indicate a need for connection and support, based upon trust and sound ideals. Shared ideals can provide a positive and powerful link in a world which provides more and more isolation. Yet, it could be that the illusion of connection presents a problem within itself. A person can sit for hours on a computer and chat with someone on the opposite side of the world, but there may or may not be an honest interchange happening. Seeking out friends who share your ideas and concepts, ideals and inspirations, making contact, becoming involved in common goals- these are experiences that can point us towards something beyond information itself and embrace it. 2001 helps us to learn that our need for contact is growing stronger, yet there is a danger of polarization, too. What began in the last quarter of 2000 continues into 2001. Alterations in the justice system, the laws, along with the educational process are driving us - by the need - to make some transformational changes, bring progress and new beginnings. Where greed and abuse of power have eroded some of our values, we, as a collective, now have a chance to reclaim values based on honesty, truth and wisdom.

Hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and holiday get-away packages will be in over supply and become cheap. Airline tickets may be difficult to purchase because gas prices will force the airlines to cut back on scheduling. People who vacation in July - August and September of 2001 will be able to purchase excellent values with their vacation dollars.

21st Century workers are time starved and work erratic hours, making the nine to five working day obsolete. Since 1996 casual Fridays have taken over the entire week. Working hours are when you happen to be doing it and in 2001 we watch another tradition dissolve. The Stock Exchange and other financial markets have redesigned their business time periods to include all twenty-four hours. The twenty-four hour clock set by Greenwich Mean Time will be the ideal gift.

Neighborhood banks will realize that there is no such thing as a small account and will offer mini-accounts to college kids and newlyweds just starting up. This will really pay off, for the average consumer market will be a bull market and various financial institutions will beg

for business. Earned income continues to fuel the financial markets. Investor portfolios are moving away from mutual funds and investors are having fun doing their own research. Technology puts them on equal footing with the brokers, and they manage their own portfolios with on-line trading. There are a lot of new millionaires making very creative use of these electronic gadgets. The whole Internet system is sneaking into our lives through telephone and cable wires and developing new chips. (Watch Intel soar this year.) Every once in awhile

we may have taken a peek at the computer screen, buying a few things, sending jokes on e-mail. By the end of 2001, the Internet will be an inseparable part of our lives. We will click on our computer every morning to check our e-mail, the headlines and the weather.

In April, another problem for the new Bush administration will be the IRS, with its penchant for paperwork. This will continue to frustrate the public, which has been divided since the disastrous 2000 Presidential election. President Bush promised to lower taxes. The public wants action and they want to see it in their paychecks. Congress, on the other hand, does not know how to stop spending, and continues to fight along party lines. They finally get the chore done by the end of May. THIS HAS OCCURRED!

The result of all of this is that economic opportunities are plentiful. The new administration has promised to make international trade and travel simple. They also decide to cancel regulations that cannot be enforced. Technology has made whole sections of International Law simply useless and silly. (Like Chads!) It has become far too easy to by-pass trade regulations. Another way has to be developed.

Treaties will present all sorts of opportunities with the power of the Internet and its capacity for international communication, forcing new agreements between nations. Fluctuating international currency is increasingly a problem. So, the new administration will have its problems, but keeping the economy rolling will not be one of them. However, there is just not enough labor to get the work done. The Mexican and Canadian borders must allow free-flowing immigration no matter what the organized labor proclaims as unfair. We may merge more and more with Mexico, as it applies to become a part of the United States.

The major topic of conversation, beginning in the late Spring months, besides the Clinton divorce, will be transportation traffic and how to avoid it, especially in areas where there is no power for more than four hours at a time. Metropolitan areas will find their freeways jammed twenty-four hours a day. There will be no let up. The rolling electrical outages on the West Coast will cost lives, businesses, and money. Some folks will move away, creating lots of housing availability in the cities, others will arrange flex hours or computer commuting. Truckers and delivery people will simply have to deal with the problem. Public transportation will be an issue on the agenda of every local government. Remember in the 70's when even numbered license plates could cross the bridges into the cities on one day and odd numbered on the other days? We may have to resort to that set-up again. Unfortunately we have not yet developed the powers of transportation through the ethers. Qualified commercial drivers will be scarce, as well as vehicle repair shops. Repair technicians for communications equipment are all but non-existent. Skilled labor is undereducated and looked down on Senior Citizens may find themselves teaching basic mechanics at Adult Schools.

The traditional ivy-covered university will need to recreate itself. For example, English and philosophy courses could be best taught on-line. Accounting and Sociology are also easy to translate to the electronic medium. Lab classes in science and chemistry might require several weeks on campus. Remember, no matter how far virtual technology may progress, there still is great value in hands on learning.

Movies and TV have created a forceful demand worldwide for North American products. The order-fulfillment capabilities of the Internet makes it possible for international customers to purchase anything, anywhere. Internet auctions will add to the flow of goods, as well as individual families selling their stuff to others through e-bay or and depositing the funds directly into their personal bank account!

The focus of the last quarter of 2001 will be the beginning of teaching the family unit all of the newest technologies. In the 19th Century, genteel ladies gave their friends calling cards which stated what day they would be home to entertain visitors. The 21st Century will be done by e-mail communication to plumbers, carpenters, lawn caretakers, electricians and delivery services. Purchases taken over the 800 numbers will be confirmed by e-mail and well as your receipts and credit card payments.

Civil unrest sweeps through Mexico in the wake of a political scandal and President Bush begins plans to make Mexico our 51st state.

A flood of immigrants will flood the U.S. borders following an outbreak of menengitis and/or cholera as well as other highly infectious diseases in South America.

China will form an alliance with Iran and they will proclaim themselves to be Gog and Magog as prophesied in the Book of Revelation, written by St. John the Divine.

American soldiers will be called in to restore order after food riots threaten to topple the government of Russia - however, President Bush may refuse to allow them to go in.

A hieroglyphic inscription on the wall of a pyramid reveals the location of the Hall of Records, as predicted by Edgar Cayce, the famed sleeping prophet. Also, heiroglyphic translations found in Egypt will depict many herbal cures for diseases such as cancer.

A series of industrial disasters will saturate the environment with deadly pollutants. An infectious disease spreads from Europe as well as South America, putting food, livestock and the population at a great health risk. It will take several years to clear up these problems. Water will become polluted in strange and new ways and private wells will be endangered. THIS HAS ALREADY OCCURRED. ARESNIC IN THE ARTISIAN WELLS, etc.

Major computer companies declare bankruptcy in late July, causing the Stock Market to crash. Many .com companies will close their doors. (Cisco -

Expect disaster in New York City, Washington, DC and Los Angeles in the fall months, right after school begins in 2001. A bomb is headed for each city, with thousands of lives lost. Tall buildings are the target, as well at the White House, and they will fall down like a feather!

A world economic collapse will come in October, 2001. This will leave banks in total ruin, at least a billion people homeless and starving in the streets. The seeds of this collapse is in the Asian markets. The Asian economy has caused a resulting imbalance between nations on the international market. Folding money will become worthless paper overnight. Clinton and Bush know this is occurring right now - and more than five banks have recently gone under in Switzerland, causing riots and food hoarding.

Perhaps the U.S. President in office will wish he was not president!


2001 will prove to be a crucial time and many mysteries will begin to become unraveled.

A weapon of great destruction, biological warfare, will be aimed at California, launched from the Far East. By year's end it is possible that the United States wil be at war with China over Taiwan.

There will be a Spiritual Awakening throughout the World in the month of June 2001, as a miracle happens and a divine prophecy is revealed.

The Mad Cow disease will reach the United States and will infect the livestock throughout the Midwest. Millions of cattle will have to be slaughtered and cremated before it is brought under control. This could take almost three years.

Former President Clinton will be involved in a scandal involving a well known actress and a well respected journalist. Hillary as well as the public will not accept this behavior and Bill Clinton will be ostracized from society.

Pharmecutical research will discover a common weed that will help allergy suffers. This weed will yeild a substance that is an excellent pain killer, stronger than morphine, and non-addictive.

A biophysicist from Pennsylvania will find the gene that determines the life span of every individual.

A Stock Market crash in the fall months and wipe out the fortunes of thousands of wealthy investors, but it will also usher in an era of unprecedented prosperity for the average family.

A spacecraft will crash in the Mojave Desert. Investigators will find a dying extraterrestrial who will tell all about another planet with life and civilization in the Draco constellation.

Three U.S. Presidents in Three Years - beginning in 2003 - Is it possible?

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