Fernando Quezada

E-mail exchange with Fernando Quezada

We received this interesting note from somebody who did not provide a name.

Paranormal Challenge!
FROM: Pyroscopy

TO: skeptic75287@yahoo.com
Sunday, November 20, 2011 2:22 PM

I claim to have telepathic ability. I am capable of transmitting the words I choose, and sometimes accidentally, into anothers mind and mouth. I am capable of concentrating and singling one single mind and transmitting what I would say with my mouth, but directly into their mouth using my mind. Iíve had instances where Iíve had different individuals using their voices to transmit complete sentences using those around me. These are the provable examples of my telepathic ability. You can hand me a sentence or word that I do not previously have privilege to and have someone say, verbatim, what that mystery word or phrase is. For a more full scale test, I can simply have you place me in front of a live television show or a large stadium sports arena during a live game and give me a list of unique words for the crowd to repeat. I have trouble understanding the full potential that my telepathy has. Depending on how I concentrate, I would think there would have to be more testing and documentation done by me to completely explain my entire ability. I can be given a piece of paper with a certain word and asked to make another person say that word or even have me repeat what is inside their mind. The issues there is how some people blank out their mind or this would have concentrate to find their metaphysical mind in space. I can find their mind through their voice and sometimes by concentrating to find their metaphysical mind in space. Results would conclude that I have the ability, at will, to transfer and retrieve thoughts between myself and others. Even, accidentally transferring anothers thoughts to others around that general area because most individuals make attempts to concentrate to try and prove that I can.

I responded.

Re: Paranormal Challenge!
FROM: John Blanton TO: Pyroscopy

Sunday, November 20, 2011 5:25 PM

Thank you very much contacting us about the NTS Paranormal Challenge. We are eager to see a demonstration of your abilities.

After examining your e-mail I have decided we will be unable to conduct any demonstrations or formal tests using large crowds of people. However, your ability to place your thoughts into another persons mind and especially your ability to learn what another person is thinking appears to be readily testable.

If you have reviewed previous correspondence relating to the NTS Paranormal Challenge, you will be aware that before we will engage in a formal test we require that you provide a demonstration of your abilities. This demonstration will be fairly informal, and no prize will be awarded in the event of a successful demonstration. Also, for the demonstration and for any formal test, you will need to pay all of your own expenses, and you will not be compensated in any way except on the completion of a successful test under controlled conditions. A formal test for the prize will also require a signed formal agreement between you and us (the underwriters) prior to the test. Please see the history of previous correspondence and demonstrations at the following link:


We require an informal preliminary demonstration in order to avoid the unnecessary expense of of a failed test. We have participated in a number of these demonstrations in the past, and nobody has ever been able to provide a successful demonstration. You should take this into account before you undergo the time and expense of a demonstration. I recommend you carefully test your abilities with some people you know before you proceed with the demonstration.

Be advised that the prize is offered by the underwriters listed on our Web site and is not the responsibility of The North Texas Skeptics.

Also note that all correspondence related to the NTS Paranormal Challenge will be posted on our Web site and may be published in our newsletter. In future correspondence please provide your full name (first and last) and your location. We do not need to know your home address, but we need to know the city and state.

Best regards,

John Blanton
Skeptical Web Master

I received a response to my note. It turns out the claimant was Fernando S. Quezada

From: Pyroscopy
To: John Blanton
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: Paranormal Challenge!

What is the informal "test" like? How will it be conducted? I do understand that I would have to provide for my own expenses for the formal testing and I would like more information on the type of contract I would be signing. My request is that I am not publicly photographed for any publicity and not required to be videotaped for mass media purposes. I am rather nervous that I will somehow fail the preliminary testing. Oh and I know enough psychology and have done enough psychological testing for my personal research to "learn what another is thinking" but I can honestly say that I can "read minds" without methods of deduction used by some to "guess" what another is thinking about.

Fernando S. Quezada
Alamo, TX

I have responded.

From: John Blanton
To: Pyroscopy
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 12:50 PM
Subject: Re: Paranormal Challenge!


Thanks for getting back to me promptly.

There is no informal test. It's an informal demonstration. It works like this.

You say you can do something (read my mind for example). We say, "Come here and show us." You come over. I write down what I am going to be thinking of. You tell me what I wrote down on the paper. If you can't do it we say goodbye, and we don't waste a bunch of time and expense on a formal test. If you can do it we will arrange a formal test for the prize.

I live in San Antonio near Prue Road on the northwest side. We can meet at your convenience for a demonstration. Let me know if you are interested.

We look forward to working with you. All correspondence related to the Challenge will be posted on our Web site and may be published in our newsletter.

Best regards,

John Blanton
Skeptical Web Master