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E-mail Exchange With Robert Tobolson

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Robert Tobolson phoned us and I followed up with an e-mail


Send me what you can by e-mail, and we will work the rest out as best we can. Please respond to this e-mail as soon as you can, so I can verify I have the correct address.

Correspondence related to the NTS Paranormal Challenge will be posted on our Web site.

Best regards,

John Blanton
Skeptical Web Master

Robert Tobolson responded

In response to your email:,

I sent to you 28-32 mostly hand writtin terstomonials letters written from Nurses; doctor's; and people from all walks of life discribeing exactly what happened when I tried to help them through the "Power of Prayer".

I have had "hundreds" of these "MIRACLES" happen at times on a daily basis for the past 34 years.

After you, and mike; and the other guys read these letters; please get people together who suffer with the same; or simular allments; conditions; chronic illnesse's; and desease's; and give me the oppotunity to drive to Texas to help them.

When I arrive; I plan to stay for one; to two weeks, and help as many people as I can. Please find a home; or any location where a large number of people can come to. also; for you If you like ,I can have people who live on Long Island whome GOD has helped call you, and tell you personally what happened with them.

I understand that testomonials; and verbal testomonies are one thing; and the "real" proof is actually seeing "GOD'S MIRACLES" happen before your eyes is another..

John; just a hand full of ther wonderfull "MIRACLES" that GOD has performed......

1. I have seen a boy who was paralized feed himself.
2. I saw a women's hands that were lifeless from M.S. come completely back to life after haveing no feeling at for six years.
3. A four and a half year old girl with Cerebral Palsey got complete use of her arm.
That never happened before in her entire life.
4. On many occassions' I have actually seen wounds heal; or drasticly improve right in front of my eyes
5. Just this past week; as I laid hands on the head of a 74 year old guy with "severe" "floaters" in his left eye; as we were praying; he had a "vision" of the "Virgin Mary" while he had his eye's closed; and when he opened them; 75% of his floaters were "gone".

So help me GOD everything that I just told you was the truth.

My ministry began in the winter of 1975 while I was driveing an old Ford down a road called Ocean Avenue in the town of Malvern ,when I began to feel "vibrations" on the wheel; and then JESUS appeared to me in a "vision"; to the right of me inside my car; and then I saw him on the side of the road.

As I stopped' I pulled up the brake; took it out of gear; slid over to the passenger window and rolled it down; I was looking at him from about 50 feet away , when I felt an "electrical wind of power" come into my body; especially my hands.

After that day' I realized that the Power I felt was the "HOLY SPIRIT".; and I recieved my gift directly from God through his son Jesus.

Please have mike scan, and email the information that i sent you so we can communicate on a higher "spititual" level and have GOD decide through you, and Mike what we should do next.

P.S. Beleve it or not; I'm not "religious"

Just a heck of a lot of FAITH.

GOD bless you, Mike and everyone; and looking forward to seeing you.

Robert John Tobolson

I responded


Thanks very much for e-mailing me. This goes a long way to helping us understand your case.

I am not going to ask Mike to scan the testimonials. This kind of documentation has no bearing on what we do at The North Texas Skeptics. We will only be interested in what comes from an actual test.

I have read through your note below, and I am now going to ask you to propose in writing a simple test that will give us some indication you can actually heal through prayer. Here are some suggestions:

1. Do not claim more than you can prove. For example, do not claim that God is involved in any healing. If you were to make such a claim, then you will not only have to prove that healing took place, but you will also have to prove that God was involved and not somebody else. More specifically, you would have to prove which specific God was involved, the God of Abraham, for example.

2. Keep it simple. We will only look at one patient. Forget about getting a crowd of people together. If that's your plan, you will not have my participation.

3. Please present a clear cut case. I am not interested in hearing a patient tell me he feels better. I want a clinically verifiable proof of healing.

4. Also forget about any kind of healing that will normally occur without intervention.

5. You will have to pay all expenses. If doctors are required, you will have to pay the doctor bills. We get to choose the doctors.

Please let me know what you propose to do.

Best regards,

John Blanton
Skeptical Web Master

We have had no further correspondence from Robert Tobolson